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Summer Lovin Calendar

I created a DIY summer calendar that includes the following activities:



•daily theme [ make it monday, think it tuesday, water wednesday, take a trip thursday, funday friday and spontaneous saturday + sunday ] •and more spontaneous ideas

supplies needed:

foam board (16x20)


paper cutter or scissors

First, I bought a foam board. I measured how big I needed each square to be then created a template on the computer. (each square is approx 2.3in x 2.3in) I created a file with the layout of the small squares then added a simple picture and a description to each square. Added some neutral colors, because who doesn’t love neutrals!

[ you can upload the templates here ]

Maden Calendar 1
Download PDF • 690KB

Maden Calendar 2
Download PDF • 737KB

Maden Calendar 3
Download PDF • 702KB

Maden Calendar 4
Download PDF • 752KB

Happy printing :)


To preserve the longevity of the paper, I laminated the copies of the squares. Cut the squares with my paper trimmer. I bought white velcro squares. Attached one piece of velcro to the back of the laminated square then the other velcro piece to the foam board where I would eventually stick it.

There are various options of ideas to pick from each week, making each week different. My routine at home: every Sunday, I sit down with the kids and I let them pick which educational idea, chore, daily theme and spontaneous idea to do for the whole week. Everyday the kids wake up, they look at the calendar to make sure they complete their education square and chore square. Afterwards, by afternoon time, once those are completed then we can do the two bottom fun squares together (i.e. swimming and yoga).

This calendar has helped the kids NOT ask me a million times “what are we doing today?” It creates some organized structure during these summer days. And the kids end up saying ”This is the best day ever!” It’s a win win!!!

Don’t forget to tag me @madenfamily on instagram when you make your own summer lovin calendar!

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