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Kids Wall Decor

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

I wanted to create a space dedicated for the kids. A space that can showcase their art work through every season/holiday. A space that we can switch out our books to match the season/holiday. A space that we can see our weekly calendar activities. A space that we can display our bucket list for that season. A space where I can remind them of something educational. A space where I can display some print outs from my favorite small shops.

Here are some details:

The 2 top white shelves are from crate and barrel.

The wooden easel is from Target.

My kiddos painted the canvas paintings. (I bought the canvas from my local dollar store)

The weekly calendar was homemade. I have another blog explaining how I made the entire calendar. (find it here)

The magnetic picture frames are from amazon.

The wall art frame is from Ikea. (It comes in black and we spray painted it white)

The 2 lower book shelves are from Ikea.

Happy decorating :)

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