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Fourth of July Banners

I just couldn’t make up my mind on one fourth of july banner, soooo we made a few!!

Party in the USA sign

supplies needed:

I had the kids make their fireworks with blue and red paint then later I wrote PARTY IN THE USA with white paint.

The red, white and blue ribbon garland:

supplies needed:


I cut 14inch length ribbon pieces. the red and blue ribbon were tied as if toeing a neck tie. the white ribbon- i made a flap and hot glued the flap to hang on twine. I made a pattern and voila ribbon garland!

The burlap banner:

supplies needed:

i cut the burlap into banner pieces. Then made a pattern: painted one burlap all blue with white polka dots and the second burlap was painted with red stripes (with the help of painters tape). I made a top flap with the burlap around the twins and hot glued the flap so the burlap can hang from the twine.

the star spangled garland:

supplies needed:


star stencil

glitter (I found the ones pictured at my local dollar store)

i cut out stars from a thin piece of cardboard i had, painted the stars white and sprinkled some

glitter. then hot glued the back of the stars to twine. i can use this garland for all the holidays and celebrations!!

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