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Back to School

  1. Homework Holder I am buying this for my kids! This will help keep all the papers organized in one spot and it is so cute!

  2. Sandwich and Snack Reusable Bag I bought this last year and I LOVE IT! I packed sandwiches, chips, fruits, etc. It saves the use of multiple zip blog bags!

  3. Utensils and Case I also bought this last year and love it! It is very well made, and we still have it in excellent condition. It comes in different colors!!

  4. Unicorn Backpack this unicorn backpack - all. the. heart. eyes!! I am not too sure about the material but since we are doing virtual school this year- I am definitely considering it!

  5. Rainbow Backpack such a cute rainbow backpack!! and this material is awesome! I have a few backpacks with the same material from Pottery Barn and I am a huge fan!! I have put them in the washer throughout the school year and they clean up nicely!

  6. Avengers Backpack superhero backpack and it glows in the dark!!!

  7. Toy Story Backpack toy story - I love this!!!

  8. Primary Journal I was on a man hunt for this last year and here they are for $2.99! These are the required primary journals for most pre-k's and elementary grades. It has the empty space on the top and lines on the bottom half.

  9. Rainbow Zippered Pouch this pouch is so soft and simply so cute!

  10. Vinyl Binder Pouch- Teal I love this pouch because it's see-through making it easy accessible to find the things!

  11. Vinyl Binder Pouch- Blue an option for boys! I love this pouch because it's see-through making it easy accessible to find the things!

  12. First Day Chalkboard I bought this one for $4.99! can't wait to decorate it with my chalkboard markers!! BTW I use these chalkboard markers (CLICK HERE) and they work amazing! I can erase the lettering and re-use the chalk board for the next year.

  13. Headphones now that we are doing virtual school, I am going to try these wireless, bluetooth headphones. It also comes in different colors!

  14. Scissors glitter teal scissors, they cute!

  15. Jumbo Paperclips these look fun! and I am down for anything that will help organize!

  16. Pencil Box I am here for alllll the pencil boxes. This also comes in many different colors!! and it has a glitter effect! I bought this in the pink and teal colors and plan to decorate them since they are flat on the top!

  17. Colors of the World Crayons loving the new shades! my kids will love this! I just wish the "color names" were different, more creative.

  18. Neon Crayons neon?! my kids love these colors!!

  19. Glitter Crayons glitter!!! yes, please!!!

  20. Bold and Bright Markers some nice shades to add to the normal primary ones.

Hope this helped you!! or at least gave you inspiration to go school shopping!!

I tried to include things that I have bought with my own little review.

Happy back to school shopping :)

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